8 DVDs With 16 Discs Pack Action Script

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8 DVD cases with 16 discs (2 discs for each cases) in a pack action script is great to present your video tutorials, home study kit / courses, TV drama series etc. You can also create 7, 6 , 5 down to 3 DVD in a set (by manipulate layer groups inside your layer palette after complete render the action) to suit your requirements.

8 DVDs & 16 Discs Pack Action Script end results(rendered using default starter template):


8 DVD Package Action Script


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Action Scripts Requirement & Compatibility:

** ENGLISH Version Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 OR CC pre-installed on Microsoft Windows PC OR Apple Mac OS X.



The action script set final results rendered using provided pre-designed PSD template:


Event Program Package Action Script


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8 DVD Box 16 Disc Combo Mockup Photoshop Action.
1 Photoshop Action Script (ATN File) PLUS 1 PSD Template Included As Pre-Described Above.



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