Licensing Information


Please go through our terms and conditions located here. If you purchase or use any of CoverActions products, it will be understood that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.


You are NOT allowed to sell/giveaway our action script (s) or template(s) or any parts of our Bonus(es) to 3rd parties.

You will NOT claim that you or any of your associates have designed our action script (s) or/and template(s) or our Bonus(es).

You will NOT include/bundle our action script(s) or/and template(s) within your products and sell them without written permission from CoverActions

You will NOT hand out our action script (s) or / and template(s) even after you have performed modifications on it. However, you may do the same, only after all images and design objects are substituted and the template looks considerably different from the original template.


You can freely use the actions and templates for your personal website.

You can freely use the actions and templates for your company/corporate website.

You can freely use the actions and templates for your client's websites. *

ATTENTION: If you are to using our templates to design websites for your commercial clients, please advise your clients IN ADVANCE not to distribute our templates or any 3d images included.

If they do not agree, please inform them that they will definitely have to deal with legal disputes.


You are free to use the actions and templates purchased from us to design your customer's websites.

However the actions and /or templates may not be resold in any sort of collection, such as distributing to a third party via CD, diskette, or letting others to download them from your or linked or any website(s).

You also may not edit the template and subsequently sell/distribute it in any way.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact Support.