Frequently Asked Question

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q1- Do you take request from members and how you charge them?

A- YES, I do take requests/ suggestions from member and non-member and list them to my to-do list. However, (as a human being with limited time to spend), among the long list, I hand-picked the one that I think is trending currently, have high resale value and useful to many other members to be released for each week.

And usually I don't charge for non-urgent project. Anyway, you got suggestions or something in your mind, just let me know.


Q2- I'm running Photoshop Germany (Or Any Other Non-English) version, why I keep getting error popups while running your action scripts? What should I do?

A-  As stated on each posts, our Action mockups requirement is ENGLISH version of Photoshop. If you have other language Photoshop version, (and still want to run the  action scripts successfully) you have 2 possible options :

OPTION 1- Tweak your current Non-English Photoshop and change it to English version :

Simply navigate to this directory: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5.1/Locales/sv_SE/Support Files

The sv_SE folder is named such, in case your version is Swedish. Just find the similar named folder that looks like it should correspond with your language.

In the support files directory there will be a file named tw10428.dat

Make sure that photoshop is closed, change the file extension to .bak  instead of .dat, and then restart photoshop.

Your software will now be in English.

For more details and updates, visit adobe forum at:

OPTION 2-  Install free version of different Photoshop version to your PC. Let say you have Swedish CS 5 version, you may consider to install 30-days free trial version of  different  version such as CS4 or CS3. Visit Adobe site for "old" Photoshop version free-trial at:

OR you can get the "latest" Photoshop CC version at:


Q3- Will those awesome Action scripts work on GIMP or Photoshop Element?

A- No, (you may try but ) it won't works, buddy. That's the reason why we provide free action scripts at "Freebies" category. Do try before you buy!

You can DOWNLOAD Photoshop 30 Days Free Trial HERE -No Credit Card Required!

Q4- Can I use the Action mockup to show the rendered images on my clients website?

A- Yes, you absolutely can. The only restriction that I want to highlight here is, NOT to give, to share or to sell the action script(s) or PSD template(s) as it is, to anyone else -including your sister ;)


Q5- Why I'm still not getting my download link(s) after made a purchase?

A- There are a few possibilities that caused this; server side delay, under maintenance, sometimes happens. Anyway do contact us via our contact page if you don't received reply more than five minutes after purchase.

In case you've made an order via "Buy Separately" section at the bottom of any posts, the reply email will be sent to your Paypal registered primary email (Paypal ID) within 5 minutes.

I'm doing my best to provide best support and get back to you as fast as possible.


Q6- I love your works. Can I hire you for my personal project?

A- Not right now, my friend. I'll let you guys know when I'm ready.


Q7- I just need only one two of the Action mockup and I don't want to join as a premium member.

A- I've provided "Buy Separately" Add To Cart button at the bottom on many of the post pages for the purpose. Scroll down to see it. If it's missing, just let me know and I'll add one.