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Feature #1)     Plenty of Combo Mockup Choices - Create Multiple Product Items in ONE SHOT

Create combinations of 2 or several product covers in a single shot- and definitely looks good because it's customized and modeled from actual products with actual perspective views.

No more tedious works repeating process to create, copy and paste from many different rendered images to create product bundle shot.

All done in a single template.

Combo/ Bundle Cover Action (Mockup) Samples:

PLUS many more inside!



And Why Do You Need Combo/ Bundle eCover Action Set?

99.5 % of mock-ups are not meant to be combined with each other.

Obviously, combining multiple different mock-ups into ONE SINGLE FRAME manually does NOT produce eye pleasant nor desirable results. Different cover actions produce different view angle perspective of covers. Combining 2 or even more covers with different angle shot is the last thing on earth you want to do when designing your cover presentations and expect for credibility.

Cover Actions Premium's combo action scripts set  is the absolute solution for this with varieties of cover combination actions  ( bundle cover actions ) to choose and work with.


Nobody likes to keep doing repeating work process.

Every time a client asking you to create combo / bundle product mockups, you sigh thinking of that long process and time-consuming of copy and paste transferring after copy and merged images from several different files into another.
What if you have an ability to create combo /bundle shot the same way you create the single cover shot- Just by using A SINGLE action script? 


Another common problem when you try to combine 2 or more covers with reflections from 2 separate files is "overlapping reflections". Again extra work for you and extra precious time required.

CoverActionsPremium combo actions eliminate this issue. ALL sorted out for everyone.

Other than it simplifies your work, it's able to create an add Up Value for your product just by the way it looks. See example below:

Same products, same contents, same price. As a buyer, which one would you prefer?


Most of us will choose the right-hand side -report book with CD, for sure. Simply because the right-hand side package gives an impression of  gaining more value- gain more for less.

Anyway, CoverActionsPremium's action scripts allow you to create both ( the right-hand side report book only or the report book and cd combo ) with ease. Just a single click to able / disable the cd layers inside your layer palette. That simple!

Feature #2)   Upon Request Cover Actions

Product Mockups released are base on popular & current marketing demand.

Many of the popular product mockups (cover actions) you see in our catablog list is actually requests from members - they are freelance or professional graphic designers, internet marketers, photographers, printing companies, book publishers, health supplement product companies, etc.


Feature #3)    Fresh New Cover Actions Every Week!

Cover Actions Premium updated with new and exclusive product mockup often and not a "fix and forget" type static website.

You can see fresh NEW cover actions plus compatible PSD templates every week. Also, we keep updating  the actions from our old posts for enhancement, more usable and for a better look to create the more desirable product, & for faster running time.


Feature #4)   Perfect Fit- PSD Templates Included For Each Cover Actions

Most of our cover actions come with perfect fit pre-designed PSD  templates instead of universal / one-size-fits-all templates.

Distortion does NOT always produce desirable results. You tend to distort the original design by using one-size-fits-all templates.

Perfect Fit PSD Template eliminates this issue.

Our PSD templates also include Never Released Elsewhere hi-impact marketing 3D graphicsto effectively deliver your messages about your product.

All the hi-res 3D graphics isolated with transparent background are big enough to fit into most of your 300 dpi cover workspace.


Feature #5)    Versatility!- Multiple Cover Styles By Only 1 Template Design

Impress you clients with  multiple different angle view images of your products just by using a single template ( flat PSD template ). Samples are shown as below:

and much more inside!

Feature #6)    Photo-Realistic Looks & Feels
All of our mockups are modelled and mimicked the actual 3D image of a product to give precise view perspective rendered images. No wild guessing or free hand sketching applied which make your design look distorted.



Feature #7)    High Impact & Best Quality Product Mockups At An Affordable Price

We guarantee that Cover Actions Premium will become your BEST investment in terms of  product graphics presentation software both in the short or long term, ever.

Other standard features:

- Our Cover Actions (Product Mockups) generated 300 PPI (Pixel Per Inch ) resolutions for clear crystal output images as standard which is great for both web use and actual printing purpose.


-Actual product size dimension starter templates or at least equal proportions.

-2 Clicks Action :

Click 1 - Create Starter Template

Click 2- Render the flat PSD into stunning 3D images.



Action Scripts Requirement & Compatibility:
** ENGLISH Version Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 OR CC pre-installed on Microsoft Windows PC OR Apple Mac OS X.  


Create stunning covers for your product with a couple of clicks and see how the new look increases your conversion rate.


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